Grant Support

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is ready, willing, and able to assist you with your grant application and reporting!

Please contact us before you submit your grant proposal (email us at: We will be happy to talk through your goals and try to identify appropriate, meaningful assessment strategies.

Here are some examples of the kinds of data that are available:

  • Pre-Eckerd Data
    • Basic demographic information - Race, sex, hometown/home state, etc.
    • Entrance tests (ACT, SAT)
    • Application details
  • Eckerd Data
    • Retention/graduation rates
    • Course history/grades
    • Major declarations
    • Financial Aid Information
    • Survey data (Rising Sophomore Data, Senior Survey, etc)
  • Post-Eckerd Data
    • Enrollment at subsequent institutions, such as a graduate schools
  • External Data
    • National surveys (NSSE, The Freshman Survey, Your First College Year Survey, etc.)